Catching Fire

Rating: 10
Catching Fire

True to her first novel, Suzanne Collins continues to develop the characters of Katniss and Peeta as their life becomes even more unstable and uncertain. Both characters are suffering from PTSD and the uncertainty of their relationship with The Capitol isn’t helping matters. In true form, Peeta tries to downplay the deceit of the last games with his charm while Katniss desperately tries to keep up.

Another staple of YA novels? A love triangle. Gale and Katniss have been close since they were kids. Had either of them never been called to go into the Games, they would have inevitably ended up together. But the trauma Katniss and Peeta experienced together along with the rouse of romance they put on for The Capitol, is bringing them closer and leaving Gale as a third wheel.

This book definitely gets 5 stars from me and I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want The Hunger Games to end with Katniss and Peeta’s first victory.

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